2019 Admission Results

For personal data protection reasons, admission lists only display the application code and do NOT include names. The code is to be found on the application certificate as well as on the application fee receipt.

Faculty of Design

    Faculty of Physical Education and Sport

      • Physical education and sports
      • Curricular and extracurricular motric activities
      • Final list

    Faculty of Food Engineering, Tourism and Environmental Protection

    Faculty of Engineering

    Faculty of Educational Sciences, Psychology and Social Work

      • Social Work
      • Counseling and Psychological Evaluation
      • Interactive Pedagogy
      • Special psychopedagogy
      • Pedagogy of Preschool and Primary Education
      • Psychology
      • Strategies and policies for didactic competence development
      • Social Work Services
      • Waiting list
      • Final list

    Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

      • Public administration
      • Public administration (II)
      • Public Administration within an European Context (II)
      • Media Image and Public Communication (II)
      • Journalism
      • Journalism(II)
      • Language and Literature. Current Trends (II)
      • Romanian Language and Literature – English Language and Literature
      • Romanian Language and Literature – English Language and Literature (II)
      • Applied Linguistics – Modern Perspectives in Teaching (II)
      • Music(II)
      • Didactic Pentecostal Theology
      • Didactic Pentecostal Theology (II)
      • Public theology studies
      • Public theology (II)
      • Rejected students
      • Final list

    Faculty of Economics

    • Entrepreneurship and business administration
    • Accounting and Management Information Systems
    • Service and tourism commerce economy
    • Accounting expertise and audit
    • Corporate finance
    • Finance and banking
    • Management
    • Management and financing of public administration
    • Management strategies and policies
    • Final list

    Faculty of Exact Sciences

      • Applied Computer Science
      • Informatics
      • Mathematics and Computer Science
      • Mathematical modeling in research and didactics
      • Advanced Studies in Applied Computer Science
      • Final list

    Faculty of Theology

      • Christian Doctrine and Culture
      • Liturgical Life and Pastorship
      • Pastoral Orthodox Theology
      • Final list
      • Doctoral School – final list